Should you take Accutane?

Probably not, but it depends. Acne can be a severely limiting affliction in a person’s life, and Accutane has been proven to reduce acne in many cases.

However, it does so by shutting down the sebaceous glands. Now, this does in many cases reduce acne, but the problem is that we actually need these glands to function in order to have healthy skin.

What happens when the sebaceous glands are shut down artificially with the aid of drugs is that in many cases, they cease working altogether and continue that way long after the treatment has stopped – if they ever get back to work at all.

Now the thing is that if these glands don’t work at all, our skin has no way of staying healthy, so essentially you’re taking care of one problem but you’ll end up with another.

That is why dry flaky skin is an after effect often seen in people who have taken Accutane or another acne drug for an extended period of time.

So if you’re wondering if you should take Accutane or not, it’s worth some very serious consideration.

Why Is Accutane No Longer Produced?

If you’d go by the official story as issued by the original manufacturer Hoffman Roche, Accutane production was stopped in 2009 because of a small market share. Perhaps this is true, perhaps not.

What is a true and well-known fact though, is that many people, especially in the last decade or so, have decided to take legal action, insisting that the drug has caused them problems, and they demand compensation.

Interestingly enough, many of these court cases have been won, including one man who was awarded 25 million after he needed to have his colon surgically removed – ostensibly because of the side effects of accutane.

Apparently, his case was made well. And while I’m sure he would prefer a healthy body over a large sum of money, at least justice was served to him.

And he’s not alone. Recent years have seen an insane increase in the number of Accutane lawsuits. Which is pretty easy to understand, given that Accutane has rather an impressive list of side effects, each one less fun than the other.

Whatever the real reason was, we should all be relieved that Accutane is now no longer the go-to cure for acne.